Limiting water leaks in Charter Quay

Water leaks within an apartment result in the largest number of insurance claims on site. It is very important that leaseholders and tenants check for any sign of water damage and if found report it to concierge immediately.

Whilst Charter Quay suffers from fewer leaks than many other sites, we take this very seriously and expect all owners to assist in helping to resolve any issues promptly. Below are the two most common causes of leaks.

Overflow of toilet cisterns
Many of the original toilets have a complex overflow system where the water runs through long tracts of pipe, eventually discharging into a central drain in the main utility cupboard. If these tracts of pipe are cracked, and some are, it will cause problems for yourself and other residents.

  • Check your toilet cistern to see if your cisterns are overflowing. You might hear the cistern constantly filling. If your cistern is overflowing please do not let it continue, the damage and inconvenience could be substantial and you could be liable.
  • If you suspect your cistern is overflowing, lift off the top of the cistern and check if the water level is too high. There should be a mark on the inside of the cistern to indicate the correct level. The float valve can be adjusted to alter the water level and it might be that a washer has to be replaced. If you cannot deal with this problem yourself please contact the concierge desk on 020 8547 1052 who will be happy to assist you and recommend a suitable plumber if additional work is required.
  • Long term fix - all modern toilets now overflow into themselves, bypassing the old overflow pipes. As toilets are gradually replaced or upgraded, the problem will eventually go away. But until then please keep an eye on your cistern.

Water connections to kitchen appliances
Water leaks from flexible pipes connecting to kitchen appliances are the second most common reason for leaks at Charter Quay. In most cases the problem is easily resolved by tightening the fitting or replacing a washer or the pipe.

Please check your water connections to dishwashers and washing machines. Remember that some fridges and larger coffee machines also have a permanent supply and should be checked.

Do you need help?
If you're not able to check any of the above, contact concierge on 020 8547 1052. They will be happy to assist you with the checks and recommend a suitable plumber if additional work is required.