Key lease obligations for residents

Living at Charter Quay should entitle you to the quiet enjoyment of your property. If you encounter problems of noise coming from neighbours, from the estate or from the neighbourhood then please report the issue using the report link ››

Likewise, please ensure you and your visitors respect the rights of your neighbours, which is a key obligation for all residents under the terms of the lease.

Please do…

..let the Concierge have the names and contact details for all the people living in your apartment and let them know if you are moving out.

..take care to make sure that doors are shut when entering or leaving the buildings or using the garage. To keep the site secure, do not allow anyone to enter who you do not recognise – refer them to the Concierge. Tell the Concierge straight away if you are ‘tailgated’ into to a building or garage.

..use the recycling facilities in the bin stores: paper, cardboard, glass, cans, plastic and food waste have separate bins. The Concierge will advise on how to dispose of large items, such as furniture, that will not fit in the bins. things that need to be repaired or which require attention through the report link on this website or by reporting them to the Concierge. Report ››

Please avoid...

..disturbing other residents: be considerate and keep noise to a minimum. Indoors,  please play music, radios and TVs at a moderate volume. Outdoors, please avoid creating noise on balconies and terraces. Remember that the communal garden in Garricks House is designed to be quiet and is not a play area.

..placing anything other than curtains and blinds in window areas and anything other than plants and garden furniture on balconies and terraces. The drying of clothes on the balconies is not permitted.

..bringing bicycles into any buildings. Use the bicycle stores in the garages – they operate with key fobs.

By keeping to our high standards we will maintain the profile of Charter Quay in Kingston and in turn ensure the security and comfort for all to enjoy.

AirBnB and other short term letting
Short term letting is in breach of the lease and is strictly prohibited.

Repairs and refurbishments
If you are planning any refurbishments, repairs, redecoration or other works to your apartment, please ensure that these are discussed with the Concierge Manager before arrangements are made with contractors. There are limits on permitted hours of work, and the landlord’s approval may be necessary for certain works.

Any physical changes to the structure of your apartment, including the replacement of water pipes, heating systems and electrical circuits must be approved by the landlord prior to the works commencing. All works must comply with the latest building regulations set by the government and enforced by the local authority.