Policies for the CQRA website

This is a community website for all who live or work in Charter Quay, with the aim of providing up-to-date information about the site and the immediate neighbourhood.

The site is moderated, we reserve the right to amend, provide the right to reply or simply remove inappropriate content.

Standards for articles on CQRA website
The aim of the CQRA website is not only to provide residents and employees with information about living and working on the site but also to provide useful information for potential residents, employees and visitors. People rarely read web pages word by word so articles must be clear, concise and scannable. Here are a few tips that should help your article attract visitors and ensure they get the information you intended from it.

The following ensures that text is scannable

  • Meaningful subheadings (not ‘clever’ ones)
  • Bulleted lists
  • One idea per paragraph
  • Inverted pyramid style, starting with the conclusion
  • Half the word count of conventional writing

In addition there are some standards that apply to all articles on the website. These have been drawn up to ensure that the website maintains its professional look and attracts visitors.

  • Articles should be written in easy to understand language. This helps people whose first language is not English and those with sensory or learning difficulties.
  • Font and headings will automatically be handled by the site.
  • The expansion of an acronym should be specified in a document when it first occurs.
  • Dates should be written in the format 22 June 2015.
  • Time should all be either am and pm not 24 hour clock.
  • Telephone numbers should be recorded as 020 nnnn nnnn for landlines, 07nnn nnnnnn for mobile phones.
  • Tables should not be used in the articles.
  • Images should have meaningful alternative text (ALT Tags).
  • Meta tags should be standardised to include descriptions and key words.
  • Authors should give their full name and a description, for example. a resident of Stevens House; Site Manager; visitor. Some general purpose articles may be attributed to a role or group e.g. CQRA Committee, Web Team.
  • The site of the abstracts of articles should be referred to as the ‘front page’.

Legal limitations, caveats & warranties

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Warranties and Disclaimers
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