HML Andertons is instructed to place Building Insurance on behalf of CQRA Ltd in accordance with the Terms contained within the Lease. Building Insurance covers damage to the fabric of the building, including the structure of individual flats, and their individual fitted bathrooms and kitchens where an insured peril is met.

An excess is applied to any claim made. This excess varies depending upon the type of insurance claim. The current position, in the case of an escape of water, for example, is that the owner of the flat from which the leak originated should meet the cost of any excess. This is not a matter with which CQRA Ltd nor HML Andertons will involve themselves. The current escape of water excess is £500.00. This level of excess is subject to change upon renewal of the building insurance policy.

Below are links to the insurance advice for residential blocks in Charter Quay.

1 - 90 Garricks House

91 - 110 Garricks House

1 - 29 Ravens House

1 - 18 Taggs House

1 - 31 Stevens House

32 - 61 Stevens House

62 - 82 Stevens House

Contents insurance
Should there be any damage to the Contents contained within the flat the Building Insurance Policy will not cover the cost of the repair or the replacement of these items. It is necessary for any Resident to arrange their own Contents cover independently.