Key lease obligations for commercial units

Charter Quay is a private estate which was jointly purchased by the residential leaseholders in June 2013. The site is predominantly residential with a large commercial element and public access.

The lease governing the site was drawn up by the original developer in 2000 in agreement with the local authority. It was designed to reflect the close proximity of the commercial units to the residential apartments in this mixed use site. We have no powers to vary the terms of the lease.

To help ensure that all commercial units in Charter Quay operate responsibly, managers and staff should be aware of the following key points from the lease:

  1. No deliveries are permitted before 8am and after 6pm Mondays to Saturdays or at any time on Sundays and bank holidays.
  2. Terrace furniture must not be placed beyond the studded areas.
  3. No drinking on the terrace without a meal.
  4. Music should not be audible at the residential facades at anytime.
  5. All terrace activities must cease by 10pm and the commercial frontages should be closed by this time to minimise late night disruption to residents.

    The lease requires all terrace furniture to be moved inside each night. However, we have agreed that the units may keep their furniture outside providing it does not cause a nuisance.
  6. Patrons should be encouraged to leave quietly at closing time.
  7. Staff should be aware of the close proximity of the residential apartments particularly during their break, and when recycling bottles and clearing up at night.
  8. Extract systems must be maintained to a level that is fit for use in buildings occupied by residents.
  9. Service areas must be kept clean and tidy at all times
  10. Units must be vacated between Midnight and 7am.


Repairs and refurbishment
If you are planning any refurbishments, repairs, redecoration or other works to your premises, please ensure that these are discussed with the Concierge Manager before arrangements are made with contractors. There are limits on permitted hours of work, and the landlord’s approval may be necessary for certain works.

Businesses in Charter Quay

The units listed are either operating in Charter Quay or have access through the site via the service road.

Browns (onsite)

Byron Hamburgers (onsite)

Carluccios (onsite)

Clas Ohlson (access through Charter Quay)

JinJin Oriental Kitchen (onsite)

Kappuccino 2 (onsite)

Natwest Bank (access through Charter Quay)

Next (onsite)

Rose Theatre (onsite)

Henry's (onsite)

Stack and Bonner (onsite)